Do you hear any beeps when you start the computer? You have helped me learn much since I started this thread. If the power connector to the floppy drive was faulty, could the other little power connector, that is attached to the bigger power connector plugged into the hard disk, be used to power the floppy drive? On the very first screen there should be an option to select the floppy drive, along with the CD and hard drives. According to the link you provided above you do have integrated graphics. IMO there are better brands available.

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msi ms ver 2 drivers

You can straighten out the pins easily unplug the power connector to the drive, then Then you should be able to access the remainder of the drive. You also must have SATA drivers for the card’s SATA controller available when you boot from the operating system CD – as far as I know that’s only possible in and up, and for and XP, you usually must have a legacy internal, conventional floppy drive, and a floppy disk with the drivers on it, – – or – you must make a “slipstreamed” Windows CD CD-R is best that has the SATA controller drivers integrated into it, and use that to boot the computer with.

XP already has the DirectX 9 software installed, but your video is probably DirectX 8 compatible – the video will still work but DirectX 9 only features will be auto replaced with lesser features, or may not work at auduo.

Then I took it out, turned the power on and there was no beep s. The option was auddio selected as follows: History of why the exploding capacitors and which mboard makers were affected: If there happens to be a card reader in a bay disconnect it. It still amazes me that someone on the other side of the planet, who therefore cannot physically see my computer hardware, have helped me see and achieve so much, step by step, without anyone’s help here, and that all done 7614 written communication only.


And there are not results? In theory they should last longer than conventional hard drives. If the 40gb drive will not load Windows all the way when you connect it to the and try to boot from it, you would probably have to install Windows from scratch.

There should be NO bytes in bad sectors listed. Posted on Mar 16, The IBM must be used pulls and you don’t really want them from any brand.

OtheHill, In response to 71 above. In some cases our guess.

Your previous question – Am I sure I know a long beep from a short one? You wrote a lot of information in your latest post to me – all new to me – thanks! If the drive passes the long test you can use it.

MSI Ms-6714 Ver 5 Socket 478 Motherboard Backplate Included

Enough of that floppy drive. If you don’t have one, someone you know might have one. XP Professional or Vista, if I had license for such? If the 40gb drive already has XP installed on it, and it’s working fine, then you can connect it to the MS, and qudio can either – run a Repair installation of Windows procedure, which WILL NOT delete your personal data and updates and programs you have added to the Windows installation already on the drive, and you will probably need to install the main chipset drivers for your mboard and for devices on it that XP does not have built insuch as the sound adapter, maybe a network adapter, etc.

Why were you trying to use MaxBlast? You can download some versions of Linux for free, but it takes quite a while to download it all on a slower internet connection.


This doesn’t make sense to me, because if the Repair installation method is not available in Setup for the Windows CD’s, why would I want the Product Key, unless I borrowed a CD from someone to install it from scratch and therefore needed to determine the Product Key using a third party program such as Magic Jelly Beanbut then, because I am not the owner of the Product Vwr, it would be illegal to use it if the owner of it had it installed in another computer?

For and XP, 80gb, or smaller, may be fine, minimum, say, 20gb, if you’re not greedy about what you download to or have on your computer.

You indicated a message; “If you give permission to overwrite a bad sector SeaTools will attempt to write a pattern of zeros to that sector. In your case, I suspect the board on the drive is fried. If you copy the entire contents of the partition Windows is installed on, that can only be vfr with the same mboard or an identical one, or for a mboard that is very similar.

Download Msi GEM (ms ) Motherboard Audio, vga, Drivers | Exe Hub

Got this throw-away computer. See the latter part of response 1 in this: I tried with all the other few old floppies that I had and got similar messages for each one I inserted – “Disk error on track so and so Does the following that you posted me answer the above question? You can make a copy of it in someone else’s burner drive if you do nopt have one yourself.

On Tubesandwires’ suggestion I fiddled with my floppy drive in my MS and cleaned off the heads.