This page cannot list all of them. Thanks a lot for all your work on these devices. TeVii sells a similar device under the name “H”. The old Windows XP driver I used was in a quite bad shape. Each time the errors occurs at different positions in the mn source code.

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Can anyone tell me? The case is black. Steps to get it working: Any idea how to get one of these working in Linux Mint I have no much motivation continue as there is more interesting things to do. I really like the step by step images and it’s good to know the product I’m using what actually inside it.

CONFIG_DVB_MN88472: Panasonic MN88472

Viktor 10 December at MrMuhahaha 24 August at I teardowned it too: This page has been accessed 37, times. Rob B 5 October at When I did some tests I found that disabling chip IR interrupts mmn88472 Also, it sounds like some computers different USB host controller?


So, if there is anyone having oscilloscope, please take some measurements from the I2C bus in order to see what happens there when error condition is met. As far as I can see from reading https: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Anyhow, tree is here waiting for developer I cannot give much help, so developer should be able to gather needed info itself: Hello Antti,is there any progress on making driver for Panasonic MN?

Emmalin 2 11 November at Damjan Marion 3 November at Al 10 February at Initial Linux support is about to go in Kernel 3. Could you help me please what to do next?

Download the firmware from http: Tuner finds all channels but there is no picture green pictureonly sound. Thanks a lot for all your work on these devices.

As they will not work without the corresponding linuxx, and frontend1 seems able to do both dvbt and dvbt2, can a module flag be added to list the dvb-t2 frontend if available as frontend0, or create a bogus demux1 as a copy or that trampolines things to demux0?


Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_DVB_MN Panasonic MN

USB interface advertises manufacturer string “astrometadvbt2” and product “dvbt2”. Antti Palosaari 7 April at The T2 support is on the Panasonic Adaptor not the Realtek, and found it impossible to get going.

I’m from Serbia if that helps you. I have added the vendor: Can you give us a status update? MrMuhahaha 17 September at liux Just got one of these on ebay.