A claim must be made within three years of the accident. Cross Border Insolvency Bulletin – December This amendment means that a claimant will have the same rights to compensation for property damage as for ordinary claims, irrespective of their own insurance position. Developed by The Refinery. Send us a message.

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Uninsured drivers If the driver of the other vehicle was uninsured and you have comprehensive fogm, you have the choice of whether to claim on your own insurance policy or not. Rest assured, RYANS are specialised road traffic accident solicitors who are experienced with these kind of claims and can assist you with your claim on a no win, no fee basis. The MIB published the replacement scheme on 2 March.

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The Agreement sets out a new fee scale and gives claimants the opportunity to seek a higher contribution in exceptionally complex cases. Michelle Reilly takes a look at the new agreements corm considers how they will affect motor claims in the UK. There is an agreement in force between the States of Jersey and the Motor Insurers’ Bureau regarding the payment of compensation to victims of uninsured drivers.

If the claimant is successful, this would result in a significant change in the way these cases are dealt with. GST on Vehicles – importing a vehicle into Jersey 2.

Accidents with Uninsured or Untraced Drivers | Ryans Law

However, some of the changes arguably remove necessary checks and balances that the MIB rely on to filter out and defend spurious or fraudulent claims. If you are a passenger who is injured in an accident where the driver was uninsured and you knew, or should have known, that the driver was uninsured you can’t claim compensation from the MIB.


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You must co-operate with any police and MIB investigation. You should complete the MIB claim form and provide any supporting evidence, for example, witness reports, details of police involvement, repair estimates and the name and address of the uninsured driver. Developed by The Refinery. If the MIB is not happy that the uninsured driver has been correctly identified, it may ask you to make your claim under the rules for untraced drivers.

The standard limitation period of 3 years applies to Uninsured motor claims, which means your claim must be brought within 3 years of the date of the accident. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau’s address is: Export of vehicles to the UK 2. However, the Agreement only requires the claimant to report the accident to the police if the MIB reasonably requests them to do so and will have a right of appeal if they think the request to report was unreasonable. The accidents must involve the use of a motor vehicle or trailer on a road or public place in Great Britain.

Judgment in favour of the claimant could see these cases being heard in the courts, which would involve not only further amendment to the latest agreement, but the potential for significant further costs exposure for the MIB.

The MIB’s Untraced and Uninsured Driver Agreements | Ashfords

The MIB can then settle your claim without taking legal clain, but this will still allow it to recover from the uninsured driver any damages it pays out. The MIB has a standard application form which must be used.


The Untraced Drivers’ Agreement now requires a prescribed MIB claim form to be completed, rather than accepting a claim in any written form. The revision was announced within a day of the agreement coming into effect on 1 March International driving permits 2.

You must report the matter to the Police within 14 days of the accident or as soon as is reasonable to do so.

These are interesting times for the MIB. Electrical cycles and wheelchairs 2. We anticipate a rise in property damage claims and, coupled with a higher number of claims arising from the Vnuk decision, the MIB as the fund of last untracex is likely to experience an increase in claims and claims cost.

They’ve hit reverse but gone into a wheel-spin.

Changes to the Untraced Drivers Agreement

To find out more about why we use cookies, how to control your cookie preferences or how to disable them, please see our cookie policy. Follow Please login to follow content. Traffic accidents – compensation 2. The Agreement specifies that all claims must be made on an MIB claim form.