Except for having a scent, the Aroma drive works like your typical USB flash drive — allowing you to store your documents, music, pictures and videos. Funny thing is, when I open them all up, they all smell ‘peppery’. Posted on April 26, by Staff Writer. Intense flavour and aroma. Is this a brilliant idea or does it just stink? Start things off boldly.

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Maxell AROMA 4GB (4902580714628) USB

Half Caff – Original Roast You can have your cake and eat it too. The coffee that started it all. Its rubber casing protects the flash memory. Don’t know about That’s peppery but I have always loved the smell of cassette tapes, Maxell are top of the list for me Instant Maxwell House Coffee is available in a lightweight, plastic jar.

As the name suggests, the scented USB flash drive is similar to your favorite air freshener, coming in a multitude of colors with scents to match: This thread has taken an unexpected turn Rich Dark Roast A beacon of light for dark roast lovers. The Maxell Aroma drive is also guaranteed shock-resistant and waterproof. The same rich, qroma bodied taste and aroma as Maxwell House Original Roast with only half the caffeine.


That’s metal tapes – funny smell? [Archive] – Tapeheads Tape, Audio and Music Forums

My favorite Maxell cassettes always had that familiar and unique car shop or engine oil aroma But you can enjoy the exquisite nutty aroma of hazelnut and great taste of coffee whenever you want. I think this tape hobbie is going too far already Hazelnut Can you smell a sunrise?

Morning Blend is an aromatic and flavorful coffee that’s mild enough to start your morning off easy and strong enough to get you going. For a richer, creamier taste, try using hot milk. Funny thing is, when I open them all up, they all smell ‘peppery’. I went and had a sniff – there was a faint sharp note, but couldn’t pin-point it to be pepper.

Start things off boldly. The conversion to our plastic jar has resulted in a 9.

French Vanilla An aromatic treat, this medium roast coffee complemented by rich French vanilla flavours is the perfect accent to your day.

Original Roast g A medium roast coffee with a full bodied, balanced flavour and a satisfying aroma. Available in g and g sizes. Our plastic jar is more durable, lighter and easier to handle, increasing convenience while helping you to reduce your impact on the environment.


Decaf g Naturally decaffeinated using carbon dioxide. Breakfast Blend Perfect for waking up to. This dark roast delivers a rich, full flavoured coffee. A handy key chain to attach to the cap is also available, making it more convenient to carry around.

Truly one of the richest coffees in mxxell world.

Posted on April 26, by Staff Writer. An aromatic treat, this medium roast coffee complemented by rich French vanilla flavours is the perfect accent to aoma day.

As in the smell of Pepper. A lighter aromma coffee that is smooth and delicate. Password software is included for the security-conscious user, and an LED indicator is helpful when the gadget is in use.

Dark Roast g A rich and robust coffee with our boldest flavour and aroma. That’s metal tapes – funny smell? For more great recipes, please visit www.