Thus, using a reporter construct for Lhx6 positive cells we could demonstrate that DISC1 is an essential component for the correct migration of cortical interneurons in the intact brain. This is in accordance with previous studies which found a reduced number of parvalbumin-positive interneurons in a mouse line that expresses the truncated human DISC1, as in the Scottish pedigree Pletnikov et al. All animal procedures were performed in agreement with the institutional regulations of the University of Jena. Patterns of calretinin, calbindin, and tyrosine-hydroxylase expression are consistent with the prosomeric map of the frog diencephalon. It has been shown to regulate radial migration as well as dendritic arborization during neurodevelopment and corticogenesis.

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In pf these negative controls, the immunostaining was eliminated. I elongation of the leading process and II soma translocation combined with elongation stop and branching of the growth cone-like structure Bellion et al. The expression of the reporter construct is controlled by the Lhx6 promotor and labels MGE-derived interneurons.

There they are belt by actin arcs and stabilized by microtubule-associated proteins.

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The common organization of the amygdaloid complex in tetrapods: To re-name this area would serve to help the establishment of putative homologies with its counterparts in anurans and amniotes, facilitating the study of the evolutionary relationships in the amygdaloid complex.

A Schematic of the electroporation strategy.

Is schizophrenia a neurodevelopmental disorder? But the growth cone-like structure is unlikely characterized by actin only. Girdin, a novel actin-binding protein, and its family of proteins possess versatile functions in cameraa Akt and Wnt signaling pathways.

To understand the underlying cellular mechanism of how DISC1 regulates interneuron migration we went back from the in vivo approach to in vitro systems. The velocity of soma translocation is not altered in DISC1 deficient interneurons, suggesting that their migration defects are caused by alterations of the intracellular coordination between several components of the migration machinery.


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In contrast, using time-lapse video microscopy of fluorescence-tagged tubulin and EB3 in fibroblasts, we found no effects on microtubule polymerization when DISC1 was reduced. More than a decade after the first description of DISC1 as a susceptibility gene for major psychiatric disorders, multiple studies attempted to trace its potential functions during brain development.

However, we and others were not able to csmera the transfection region to this part of the eminences, but rather almost always got many labeled cells in the basal as well as in the dorsal telencephalon after electroporation Bai et al.

Activated Akt pAkt phosphorylates serine at position in Girdin, and activated pGirdin accumulates at the leading edge of migrating cells Enomoto et al. Pv studies afterwards firmly established that DISC1 xamera a major role in early brain development by regulating a number of essential neurodevelopmental events, including cell proliferation, neurite outgrowth, synapse formation and neuronal migration for reviews see Ishizuka et al.

Brain hemispheres from E Of note, Laberge and Roth proposed that the region of the SPTA forms with the caudal amygdala an extended vomeronasal amygdala. Using fluorescence-tagged tubulin we were able to monitor the whole microtubule cytoskeleton of living miRNA nl2001a fibroblasts. Some weakly NOS immunoreactive cells were also dispersed in ventromedial telencephalic regions but their distribution did not allow further distinction of particular zones.

A dextran amine tracing study of their cells of origin.

Forebrain projections to the hypothalamus are topographically organized in anurans: P supraspinal pathways in amphibians. According to Northcutt and Kicliter these components would comprise the main and accessory bulbs, pallial lateral, dorsal, and medial palliumand subpallial the septum and striatum structures.


This poorly differentiated cytoarchitecture corresponds in all areas with a pattern of organization in which the periventricularly located neurons extend their dendrites outward, where they spread widely in the overlying fiber zone Figure 1 b. It has been claimed that it is possible to aim exclusively the MGE with this technique Borrell et al. We recently provided in vitro evidence that during embryonic development DISC1 is a necessary component for the correct tangential migration of cakera interneurons from the medial ganglionic eminence MGE to their target regions in the cortex Steinecke et al.

The relatively large telencephalic j2001a of Pleurodeles are formed by thin walls around the large lateral ventricles Figure 1 a.

The loss of DISC1 binding partners can also lead to defects in neuronal migration. Amygdalo-hypothalamic projections in the lizard Podarcis hispanica: Forebrain gene expression domains and the evolving prosomeric model. Additionally to its role in dynein-based microtubule-associated transport, DISC1 modulates the transport of organelles and components of the cytoskeleton through its direct interaction with kinesin-1 Taya et al.

Central amygdala in anuran amphibians: By performing in utero electroporation we were able to reduce the level of DISC1 in cells of the ganglionic eminences at a defined time point during development. In addition, defining features of the ventral pallium in amniotes are its position deep to the lateral olfactory tract and dorsal to striatal territories Puelles et al.