Starting ndas Driver After building and installing the driver software, you need to start the driver before you can use the device. But I think it is time to find a native solution on Linux to run such a storage device. The time now is Seems I was still able to buy a legitimate copy last year. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I welcome opinions from some of you experts as to my best course of action. Here is a list of things to do from their documents:.

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Dont forget to put your user into the group of vbusers. The company seems to have folded and is no longer hosting any of the links I mentioned here. Building the Software This is really confusing, as there are many directories and many make files. We nras use Bluetooth. At least, not any installation binaries! Try installing all headers, and source packages, not just the generic package: This is the command we will use to work with mount, dismount etc Linud.

Ubuntu in Action… – NDAS

And if you need more help, here are some links if you want to learn more about Iocell Ximeta pinux Linux. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Once the source code is compiled, we need to install and load it. Make sure you have the extensions for your virtualbox installed. Sign up using Facebook. Desperate situations require desperate measures. This step actually builds the ndasadmin program and installs it.


Linux: Netdisk on Ubuntu

Its hard to teach an old dog new tricks and that applies to me. Desperate situation require desperate measures. At the moment, I am working with my taxes and I needed some files from the old machine, desperately. Try installing all headers, and source packages, not just the generic package:. To see the device listing, you can use the following command: I am not good on the command line so the directions might have me trying to figure out exactly what is required to be written down for each of the drives.

This can be linjx. June 23rd, 4. BTw I also use Nerolinux and like it a lot. Also, register option has a slight variation with Serial and Write key.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. To see the device listing, you can use the following command: You will have to register the software with the specific serial of the NetDisk.

Linux: Netdisk on Ubuntu « Power to Build

Running this install via use of the gui would be my preference. Ioocell the Software Once you compiled, you need to install the driver and start it.


This is the output from make: But, you can also build dev or debug versions. I have to install on windows of course and I hve several of the boxes I am using so that i can just leave my b ackups and files on my older drives until if they die it is now so far in the future that is wont matter linud I lose the programs and files.

If you just ndass sudo ndasadmin on command prompt, it will display various options available. I try to help fellow developers with technology as a way of “giving back to the community”. Though I work with large systems at work, I never venture to compile big programs at home. NetDisk1 is just name I gave to the device.

We all use Google and other Search Engines for searching anything under the sun.