A device-specific error, including a self-test error or calibration error, occurred an error in the range or any positive error has been generated. Archived from the original on Reserved for future use. Queries the condition register for the Status Byte Register group and returns a decimal value equal to the binary-weighted sum of all bits set in the register. For a complete listing of the error messages related to self-test failures, see Self-test Error Messages. The bus employs sixteen signal lines — eight used for bi-directional data transfer, three for handshake, and five for bus management — plus eight ground return lines.

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Control and data transfer functions are logically separated; a controller can address one device as a “talker” and one or more devices as “listeners” without having to participate in the data transfer.

Configure DC voltage measurements and return “1” when the measurements complete: Their response format is also the same. The bus supports one System Controller, usually a computer, and up to 15 additional instruments.

These standards formalized the mechanical, electrical, and basic protocol parameters of GPIB, but said nothing about the format of commands or data. You prioritize the input list of devices so that the more critical devices receive service first.


Very High Performance IEEE-488.2Interface Card for ISA Bus

Sets “Operation Complete” bit 0 in the Standard Event register at the completion of the current operation. Inthe IEEE Returns 1 to the output buffer after all pending commands complete.

Since each device generated the asynchronous handshaking signals required by the bus protocol, slow and fast devices could be mixed on one bus.

P P P P P Commands to control the same class of instrument, e. Configure DC voltage measurements and enable the generation of an SRQ when the measurements complete: Archived from the original on For a complete listing of the error messages related to self-test failures, see Self-test Error Messages.

It uses the IEEE But when HP’s early microcomputers needed an interface for peripherals disk drivestape drivesprintersplottersetc. Parameter Typical Return none none Wait until all pending operations complete: PRESet resets the instrument for front-panel operation. If the application program can jump to this protocol immediately upon the assertion of the SRQ line, you increase program efficiency and throughput. Read condition register with bits 3 and 5 set: The standard allows up to 15 devices to share a single physical bus of up to 20 meters total cable length.


Specific sub-commands within the hierarchy are nested with a colon: SCPI was introduced as an industry standard in Return the installed options: Parameter Typical Return none see below Return the installed options: One or more errors have been stored in the Error Queue. Views Read Edit View history.

GPIB Hardware and Software Specifications – National Instruments

As GPIB became popular, it was formalized by various standards organizations. There was no requirement for galvanic isolation between the bus and devices, which created the possibility of ground loops causing extra noise and loss of data. Read Status Byte Query.

Technical and de ieeee standards for wired computer buses. Parameter Typical Return none see below Return the instrument’s identification string: These commands are grouped into subsystems. The command syntax shows some characters in a mixture of upper and lower case. These common commands and queries are shown in Table 3.