In the past couple of years TaylorMade launched one of the most aggressive marketing campaigns the golf industry has ever seen around a unique club named Rocketballz. The feel and stability is very good but I had a little extra shot dispersion compared to 45 inch drivers, which is not unusual. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free. Three Guys Golf on Twitter. I just recently bought the Jetspeed HL Driver, what are the 3 different lofts I can get on this club on the standard, lower, and higher settings?

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I gotta say, I have always love Taylormade drivers. Jetsperd log in to reply. I did hit the Stage 2 well, but this driver is more consistent and has a better feel on well struck shots. PGA Tour 19hr ago Best of golf: Adam Staelin September ho, at 4: Technology In creating the name for the JetSpeed driver TaylorMade considered the main strength of the club: She tried it for about a doz rnds and was sorely disappointed!

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I play off 15 and would recommend this to all golfers. In my mind the JetSpeed seems to just hiw back a few years.


Taylormade Jetspeed Driver

What’s in the Swift X? I play about a rounds a year but don’t tell my boss.

This club is amazing and I recommend anyone with a big fade to try it out I bagged an i20 at 9. It is my understanding that you can only adjust the driver 1. Did the Jetspeed perform better for you than the sldr?

TaylorMade JetSpeed driver | Golfweek

Posted 30 September – Just right in the middle where it neither annoys you or makes you take notice. The sound is not a big thwack nor a whimpy ting. The shaft is done in the same color scheme as the rest of the club with different amounts of grey, black, and blue with white lettering.

With most drivers low contact generates too much spin making the ball flight too high and land short. The audience for the JetSpeed is average golfers for whom the excitement of the movable weight technology in the SLDR line does not tickle their fancy.

Bought the JetSpeed on Friday and didn’t have a chance to practice with jetxpeed before a scramble on Saturday. Which driver is more forgiving? If you like to tee the ball high as I do, you may feel when you mishit the ball higher on the face The sound of the driver was adjhst and not offensive at all.


He shot 3 under having never seen t… https: I was a fan of the ghosting that TaylorMade was doing on their drivers, but I do not think that everyone shared my preference. Indeed the feel and sound was probably the best of all the drivers they have launched this year.

Taylormade Jetspeed Driver Review | Three Guys Golf

TaylorMade Jetspeed driver, fairway wood and rescue hybrid. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I like the matte finish and feel it does great with glare on bright sunny days, and is a very calming color scheme along with the blue and light grey.

I am currently using the Sldr driver. This gives you a lot of options and some may find this disconcerting, so it would lot wise to get custom fitted when you buy this driver to ensure you get the right head and adjusted loft. So initially I struggled a little to find fairways.