When you download the Windows hard drive F8, in the menu that appears, select the line – download without checking the digital signature of the drivers. The battery is consumed in standby mode, if there is a lot of memory in the memory. Lexrus, The forum Highscreen describes your situation. Therefore in Cosmo Duo I precisely knew that at inclusion phone will not get into a network through a sim card of Beeline. Once again, the sound came off: This article is a translation of the original post at geektimes. In general, as it was possible to understand from material, Cosmo Duo was pleasant to me more than A Gigabyte, first of all the visible reliability.

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On a show-window both devices look quite solidly, without is bright the expressed youth elements, these are rather phones for business people who need to be in touch despite everything. On Gigabyte it was worth either drowning it more feasibly, or to move. When you download the Windows hard drive F8, in the menu that appears, select the line – download without checking the digital signature of the drivers. Here is the link: I think that and, in particular, to fans of the Android this article as I so far in a network did not meet such comparison will be interesting to Habr’s audience.

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In this case, the blade on the second Simka is deaf, that is, even turning it off and on does not always help, you have to juggle the battery. In any case, the camera — not the most necessary element in the businessman’s phone.


Cosmo Duo for few weeks of use hung up and rebooted only one or two times whereas the Gigabyte did it on couple of times per day steadily. Tell me in skype video calls are coming? The difference in price is almost 2 times: If it comes up with the ends and will be offered a warranty replacement, I’ll do it! There is an Ukrainian saying in loose translation sounding approximately as: And small roughnesses in software moved for me a bowl of scales towards Cosmo.

From 6 cosko 6 rub according to Yandex. For example, in E61 Nokia there was no camera module at all though the device tried to compete obviously with “blackberry” in a business segment of the market.

But there is less sad than on the Windows market.

The key of inclusion is located at the left at an cuo end face, the slot of earphones in the same place on the right, the camera button — at the right end face below. The results of performance tests of Android devices, refer to the topic: Installation of an incorrectly signed or damaged file or malware of unknown origin was made.

We go further, we will talk about the internal device of both models. Seemingly useful thing, like a fast set, but it occupied exactly a half of screen space at the highscdeen, and the call key is in the list of challenges of each contact on the right and to reach it, it is necessary to make “slide”, having hidden thereby “a fast set”.

It is interesting to watch a post and a karma — a post in plus, the karma moves on a decrease, any comment.


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In pluses the Gigabyte can bring existence of flash which can be used highscdeen a small lamp it is necessary to install the program independentlyin Cosmo Duo the camera is not equipped with flash. When replacing the “gag” is more than acceptable. For the others is just my personal assessment of two similar devices based on the Android.

The registry, I understand, there is no Adroit. By the way, I do not know precisely how many people tested the device to me, but the call key on the test device was pressed through inside and it was obviously visible that inside too did not finish thinking about something, time for half a year not of the most intensive use there was such breakdown.

On the functional, perhaps you will not reproach again, based on the pricethere is everything you need. A gap between bottom edge of the screen and physical oh, my god though something buttons it is awful, looks clumsily. I’m sitting here, wondering whether to send vobis on the figs with such a body, and do not buy yourself what-string on Phone7. Available RAM and memory for installing applications is discussed in the topic: To photograph on contact or to record something not to forget, will be enough, and race of megapixels is won let by image or youth devices.