We all have to be mindful of long “edits” to replies as well, it can can take later reponses out of context. It responds well to a smooth swing. I have to hold my swing back more than normal to get pleasing results with this shaft. I got a clear sense of how the club plays for you and why you liked it. Hybrids are meant to be played like a mid-iron.

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I hope so at least. What am I to do in the mean time, just wait for my clubs to come back they tell me.

I feel good because now I have the consistency I was searching for. I prefer it over the Callaway Heavenwood that replaced my 3 iron, as it is far easier to hit in my opinion.

The use of bold and italics is the easy part.

Nickent Genex 3DX Ironwood Hybrid

It was mildly annoying genexx have to change my swing even slightly. But I found the original Rescue’s unplayable, and I found the newer ones to be hook-machines. On all but the longest of courses, lower lofted hybrids are an excellent choice off the tee. Why is this review inappropriate?


I am extremely pleased with the results. Shove a Nickent 3DX ironwood into your bag. Nickent took their time and research on this combo. Im glad i bought the club it was well worth the money. When i swing it smooth it flies completely straight and a lil over yards which is what ive been looking for.

These clubs may be older but I will play them until I find them lacking in the technology department. Do yourself a favor and try these hybrids when you have the chance, you won’t regret it. Being there is such a fine line to the above gwnex These are great clubs.

The average distance for this 3 hybrid is around yds for me.

Nickent Genex 3dx Ironwood 17 Degree 2 Hybrid Steel Stiff Flex J135766

My 7 iron head came off first on August 11th. Many people think that hybrids are for hackers who can’t hit long irons.

Now that we know the reviewer is an enthusiastic player of the Nickents, I apologize for the above comments. Other than that I grnex no complaints. As for the ability to hit fades and draws, this is where the Genex was too much for me to handle.

They fill an esthetic gap left by most other hybrid manufacturers. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. And remember to bring his sense of humor. The 3DX Ironwood is all wood and no iron in the looks department, and I like it.


Nickent Genex 3dx Ironwood 17 Degree 2 Hybrid Steel Stiff Flex J | eBay

I liked the feel with the old speed rated stock shaft. May he grace us with more of his reviews. I had to replace that green headcover with one of the silver headcovers from the earlier version however, horribly ugly headcovers those green things. There’s a very fine line between “Living life on the edge” and “Nature’s way of weeding out the stupid.

He evidently took a lot of time and thought in his review. Anyone familiar with forums can easily make a post as well laid out as this one.

The head is very forgiving on slight mishits, but you know when you mess up. Even when I review a product, I comment about the pros and cons of it. You currently have javascript disabled.