There is no rack 2 filer mac version. Frank Noonan – August 30, Reply. Rack 2 filer is great for organizing, afterwards, you can export the docs in Dropbox or Evernote and see them on your iPad or other portable devices. Brooks Duncan – August 22, Reply. Does anyone have a 5 year old copy of SSM or an idea that might help? First of all I’d give it a 5 out of 5. Something that was not possible with previous versions of the ScanSnap without some rather hardcore hacking.

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The Mac gives you a much better experience. Please let me know where to send your ScanSnap Cheat Sheet.

ScanSnap Software Downloads : Fujitsu Global

Perfectly fine devices are artificially made useless because vonders like Fujitsu think they can just deprecate the items by not making new software. Any help will be appreciated. Secondly, I have been offered a S without the original software discs, is ther anywhere I can get it?

We are very impressed with the compact nature of the product and the speed at which it processes. It has saved us a fortune in print costs because most of what we do is scanned and emailed.


Suggest other similar software suggested. My final suggestion, if you want to enjoy your scanner to the max. The scansnap was very reasonable for it’s functionality and I was impressed with the speed. All you need is the mac version of the Fujitsu scansnap software. Plus colour of the scanner and the other minor bits of software bundled in. You can’t preview a document in Windows like you can on a Mac.

You should be safe that way! Do I need Acrobat fref extract the pages or can I change the settings with ScanSnap Manager to have only individual pages if needed? Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog. All of this software is on the DVD! This feature alone makes the S models a big improvement.

Great having Adobe Acrobat to be able to do clever things with pdfs too. A great machine I would highly recommend to any office.

Its very easy to change scan settings and to save directly to folders on your computer. Fujitsu ScanSnap S 5 out of 5 from 75 reviews. Not sure if they will go for it, but it is worth a try. frer

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 & S1500M Are Now Cross-Platform

Change the way you install and update apps with the all new MacUpdate Desktop. I know what you mean Randy. What you do is right scabsnap ScanSnap Manager and then choose Settings. I also received a link from fujitsu-siemens that states that the following software comes with the S Acrobat comes on a separate CD.


I own a PC but I’m considering moving onto a Mac in the long term. Then choose your Profile and click on the “File Option” tab. It does recognize that the scanner is connected. Therefore, you can plug the S into x1500 Mac and it will work.

Follow This App Developer website: The Scansnap S is a great machine, is certainly serves its purpose, small and compact, takes up little room on the desk, easy to use for the non- technical in the office!! Brooks Duncan – June 7, Reply.