By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. For more information about poison messages and the poison message queue, see Queues and messages in queues. For example, if a transport rule modifies a message property, or rejects a message, or causes a message to go to junk, then it would be useful to quickly find which rule or rules were applied to the message. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. For more information, see Inbox rules.

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Message tracking

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The RelatedRecipientAddress field has the proxy address the message was sent to.

A message’s recipients were resolved to a different email address after an Active Directory lookup. Here’s the command I ran, if you’re curious.

The email addresses of the message’s recipients. The other placeholders in the log file names represent the following information: The event source was the routing resolution component of the categorizer in the Transport service. Log files for messages sent from mailboxes by the Mailbox Transport Submission service. Hi, I’m just writing to check how’s everything going? The event source was Safety Net.


A message was redirected to an alternative recipient after an Active Directory lookup. It searches message tracking logs with some filters.

EventTracker KB –Event Id: Source: Exchange Store Driver

Duplicate messages are detected and removed by the information store. A message was redirected to an alternative recipient after an Active Directory lookup. During the expansion of the distribution group, a duplicate recipient was detected. How could you then check the rule for an faip that is in fact not there?

The event source was an Inbox rule. Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled. For more information about moderated recipients, see Manage message approval. Circular logging deletes the oldest log files for a service when either of the following conditions are true:. For more information, see Search message tracking logs.

The details are storevriver in the source-context field. Moving Exchange logs from default folders with Powershell:.

smtp – Exchange Message Tracking – Email not received (sometimes) – Server Fault

An example value is ac7b13fb42ab4dcf7ff. For more information, see Inbox rules.


The mailbox database GUID. Eventt field contains additional information for specific types of events. The recipient status for each recipient separated by the semicolon character. First of all, we need to install Log Parser 2.

A message was received by the SMTP receive component of the transport service or from the Pickup or Replay directories source: The event source was a MAPI submission from a mailbox on the local server.

For more information about these Transport Rule agent values, see the “Data logging” section in the DLP Policy Detection Management topic, transport-traffic-type In on-premises Exchange, this field is blank or has the value Email. See below storedrivver for details of all message tracking log events https: Extra information associated with the source field.

Specify paths for logs useful article on wtoredriver topic: This is an example of the message tracking log entries created when the user chris contoso.