The link light on the SPI adapter itself works fine. April 13, at 2: The pins are labelled slightly differently as well. When it arrived I did a classic geek thing. It might therefore be better practice to run it from a separate supply. I see no components to convert 3.

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Has anyone found any good low-profile NICs for the Zero? Based on linu discuss http: January 12, at 9: December 11, at 1: I’ve customized the ENC28J60’s driver to do a bunch of additional printk while I’ve been searching for the root of the problem. December 2, at 8: October 27, at 2: March 9, at November 9, at 1: December 3, at 9: August 26, at 9: That overlay tells the kernel to expect an enc28j60 and where to expect it.


May 21, at 5: Select all [ November 8, at First time I cross-compiled the RPF kernel with the module enabled and the enc28jj60 changes mentioned above I had some problems so I decided to try it with Martin’s spi-config also cross-compiled. It all worked fine with no additional setup. I hope you had fun.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_ENC28J ENC28J60 support

I correctly find new eth1 interface running ifconfig missing interface if enc28j60 module unconnected. TVed the procedure and I had other stuff to do.

The pins are labelled slightly differently as well. Every attempt to TX times out and increments the TX errors. In particular can I use the Dunino board at the same time?

Linux source code: drivers/net/ethernet/microchip/enc28jc (v) – Bootlin

June 30, at 5: January 31, at 5: February 4, at 8: I’ll give that a go January 27, at 7: I looked in the forum post again. November 15, at December 7, at 3: All the pins I am supposed to use for connecting to the GPIO are are there, though, with the same labelling, so I was expecting it to work.


They all fail in the Mhz range when in use. Tobias, Please give a few more details. Sign up using Email and Password.

December 3, at 4: