Eventually, another snake wrangler takes pity on me and a hole opens up in the line, letting me sneak into the parade, tail between my legs. I would strongly recommend NOT going to the track spec ride height. Originally Posted by Vipercompany. It averaged in the 20s on trips and around 17 mixed. You are commenting using your Twitter account. This was Saturday at I for sure thought about what a tossed tire tread would do to me.

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I was more worried about the interior than the exterior. Sp he basically bought an ACR extreme with no splitter and diffuser to drive around town. I usually DD mine, winter too as long as there isn’t bad weather or salt on the ground.

Nobody here knows what driveway aprons, speedbumps, etc.

Dodge may have canceled the Viper after a quarter century of near-continuous production, but judging by the high spirits of the owners gathered here today, the party has no plans of stopping any time soon. I thought I would feel like a rich jerk, but the car is so unusual that I felt more like a space alien. These cars are great and can absolutely be a primary daily driven car. If your highway has large bumps like some I encountered on I20 between Meridian and Vicksburg, all over Louisiana, and on Highway 79 in Texasyou vipwr go airborn.

It has three mirrors. Got caught in a rain storm once in it and it was not a fun experience imo. How are daiyl manners in stop-and-go traffic?


Knowing my own sense of drivability to be skewed from a lifetime of only driving old beaters, I took on many passengers and got as many second opinions on the car as possible.

LOL yea Slither your right i should ac thought about this better when i bought the car but all of you guys know if you want the car your gonna get it thats just how it is for us guys. I knew the day was coming. Which is worse on your back, getting in and out or the suspension?

It was in Lake Keowee, SC.

All Your Questions About Daily Driving A Dodge Viper, Answered.

It was time to mortgage the kids and purchase the last and biggest at 8. That’s the single, but unfortunately serious problem with DD and use in gerneral. Those long, curving roads stretched out all golden in front of this bright red hood, and it felt very free and glorious.

In a bid to bunch up the long trail of cars behind us, the entire parade grinds to a halt at an intersection marked by a Marathon station, its faded logo shining like a beacon to under-prepared idiots like me.

All Your Questions About Daily Driving A Dodge Viper, Answered. – Roadkill

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Dodge is ending production, and Viper clubs all over are gathering to pay tribute to the snake.


Runs best on HiVelocity Hosting. Would my love for the car turn out to be a fling? afr

A Week Of Daily Driving, Pie Pickup, And A Goodbye To Conner Assembly In A 2017 Viper ACR Voodoo II

I tried driving in the city once with my ACR, and that was the last time I ever want to do that. But wait, you say, aacr C7 corvette has computerized rev matching! The same thing is true for parking garage kiosks. If the thing had a rear seat, the cupholders would be perfectly positioned. Discarded Dodge Lancer Giper. They are plastic no issues Drive the car the way it was intended you cant see a scrape on the underside of the splitter.

I have the blackvue and ipad connected to 2 extended batteries that can keep it running for days without any power from the car. Last edited by Vipercompany; at How can you NOT drive it? So in a long-term sense, do all the vlper and good looks make up for the stiff ride?

And they have a reputation for killing people. Who was most likely to throw revs your way such as Mustang drivers, rice rockets, BMWs, etc.

I never want to exit anyway.