It is pedantic regarding which paper size it uses. Radio Frequency Emissions class B Connecting The Telephone Line Prices for the printer itself are fine, refills are fine but this product has one massive down factor. Using The Output Tray Extension Printer Connection And Software Installation Number Of Copies

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Had it about two years.

Cm205cw Setting Utility windows Only After 9 Mths it refuses to scan. Color Button Set Launcher windows Only Will be a different brand next time. Printing Custom Size Paper For Windows Xp Home Edition Printer Management Software Dec Best I ever had.

Adjust Paper Type Printer Connection And Software Installation Automatically Suppressing Background Variations Panel Lock Function Lots of issues with this. Dockprint why does my cm pint out with line in the center of the page? Sending A Fax Automatically Managing The Printer One line comment is It now tells me that the CTW sensors need cleaning after using the net I found out what a CTW sensor is and where it is and cleaned it – but that wasn’t cm05fw enough.


Or for anger management. Receiving Faxes In The Memory Setting The Scan Resolution Wireless networking is next to impossible, frequently dropping the connection. Compatible toners works fine.

Setting Group Dial Setting Paper Sizes And Types Setting The Time And Date Or as a way to smash windows. Jul Cm205fww Problem every day Jun Worst ever. Sadly I bought this printer so that I could print wirelessly, but it is frankly impossible.

Changing The Fax Settings Options Loading Paper For Receiving Faxes Colour match was good.