It was relatively inexpensive and came with its own mapping software. Check the specification page for the GPS receiver before buying to determing which type of interface s it has. Have you noticed I’ve been using the past tense here? Mobile Apps by Lance Whitney Dec 17, This is nearly too good to pass up.

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This new one does work as a standalone unit and is supposed to have a longer battery life.

DeLorme Earthmate Hyperformance GPS Receiver 9-pin Serial 4s | eBay

If you get a USB-only Garmin GPS receiver, or you don’t have the serial cable, then at present you must use some additional software to either connect the GPS receiver to Tru-Traffic or to download the pre-recorded trip logs to a file for importing into Tru-Traffic.

Deloeme Apps by Lance Whitney Apr 2, This means you can connect the GPS to the laptop out in the field and run just fine, but you cannot, as far as we can tell, take dekorme GPS solo out in the field, use it to record intersection coordinates “waypoints” and trip logs “tracks”then download to the computer when you return to the office.

We must distinguish a humble GPS Receiver from full fledged GPS Navigation System, earthnate sort of device you’d put in your car to find addresses and give you driving directions.

If you do use one, I’d appreciate hearing from you, and I’ll pass on your experience, good or bad, to others. As of this writing, the figure is on page 54 in the user’s manual. The short advice is to get one that uses both of the following. I’ve confirmed that these drivers allow the Earthmate to operate with Tru-Traffic, but starting with version 6.


DeLorme Earthmate Hyperformance GPS Receiver 9-pin Serial 4s

This isn’t critical, and it may not even matter, but without such a chipset, it’s likely to have difficulty ewrthmate a fix in low-signal conditions, such as urban canyons or under tree canopies. Either of these options allow you to connect the GPS receiver to Tru-Traffic through the virtual serial port so Tru-Traffic can record trip logs, but they won’t allow you to download pre-recorded trip logs directly into Tru-Traffic.

The envisioned system would help you plan your route by analyzing stop lights, stop signs, and obstacles that can slow your trip. Microsoft Windows Delorje 5. Right now, I’d recommend using a Magellan only if you have one already.

So if you wish to use a Garmin, you’re mostly on your own as I can be of only minimal help. You can find them available at lower prices online. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Get a TomTom 4. Handheld Requirements OS Required.

They prefer the Magellan over the Trimble. See the discussion of that software above for more details. We haven’t confirmed that the problems are identical to the ones I had, but everything we could compare sounded perfectly consistent. Mobile by Rick Broida Jan 4, A FAQ gives some additional details. Have you noticed I’ve been using the past tense here?

Gadgets by Rick Broida Nov 2, One set of users’ tests suggest that the Magellan works fine in all the Trimble’s dead spots around the city. The basic eTrex is relatively inexpensive but requires separate purchase of the data cableand they all have the advantages that they have a fairly long battery life and can also work as a standalone unit — they don’t have exrthmate be connected to the laptop.


I give them a qualified recommendation. I’ve been quite happy with DeLorme’s Blue Logger, gs the wireless setup is so simple.

Starting with version 6. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

DeLorme Earthmate Hyperformance GPSr compatible? – Global Mapper Forum

I’ve personally used only the Magellan GPS receiver, an older model. Some of them work fine as GPS data loggers, and some work also connected through Franson’s GpsGate directly to Tru-Traffic for monitoring “here” and “now” in your arterial timings diagrams, but some of the recent models are unsuitable for either purpose, and I can no longer keep track of which ones serve us well and which ones don’t.

I’ve used the original Earthmate which had only a RS serial connection. gpd

I’ve had hands-on experience using Tru-Traffic with a few different types of GPS receivers, and they’re not equal. I’m not sure if hps Magellan GPS receiver just lost the satellite signals more easily than the Garmin, or if both lost satellites but the Garmin recovered more quickly, or if the Garmin was just dead reckoning — extrapolating from the last reliable reading — as Garmins do.