One concern I am sure users will have is the power button on the side of the notebook. Is that not a pretty old and almost obsolete technology? XP performance was definitely snappier then the test Vista installation I had running on the notebook. With the screen at the maximum brightness, wireless ON, in the presentation power mode which keeps the processor down to MHz , and while performing moderately difficult tasks on the D, the laptop managed to clock in at a battery life of about 2 hours and 16 minutes. SuperPI, which forces the processor to calculate the first 2M digits of PI, clocks in with a final time of 1m 57s. Everyone knows that an active laptop is such a small space could cause heat related failures, and Dell was aware of this as well.

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It was always plugged in and set to the “Always ON” power profile. Pictures are worth much more than words, so see the graphic below for an illustration. Neither score is particularly impressive, but remember dsll the D is built for office tasks and portability, not extreme number crunching though you could do it if you were willing to give the processor time to finish.

Several RPM drives are now available in the 1.

d43 SuperPI, which forces the processor to calculate the first 2M digits of PI, clocks in with a final time of 1m 57s. With the screen at the minimum brightness, wireless ON, presentation mode, and leaving the computer at idle most of the time while occasionally typing this review and browsing the internet, the laptop managed to score an impressive 3 hours and 18 minutes.

As previously mentioned, the latest series of Intel ULV processors depl out at 9W…and my processor is a 5. Even more so, the button is hard to toggle to the “Off” position and yet too easy to turn it back “On. I love having the option f430 shed some backpack weight and leave the DVD drive at home, but some may not.


While it does function well enough to emit the occasional “You have mail” sound clip or make the “Windows prompt” beep, that is all it is good for.

If you hit the power button and the D boots while shut, the POST sequence will recognize that the computer needs to shut down, which protects the laptop. For a college student, this is really nice as you can move around with all of that in your hands and not have a problem with any of it.

I myself do not find it annoying to be missing a drive whatsoever, as I rarely need to use an optical drive during normal usage. However, the D does get really warm in the upper right quadrant of the notebook where the processor is found.

When closed, the D reminds you of a thin workbook or textbook. Also, for those interested: I would expect even an average speaker to be able to sound out a little bit of the baser notes in music, but this one fails utterly.

Latitude D430 – Windows 7 and 8.1 32 Bit

During other tests, there were times that my estimated battery life was hours, but I was never able to actually achieve that projected battery life. When compared to zudio design of the HP Compaq business notebooks, I would say that 1 the exterior of the Latitudes does not look as sharp but 2 the interior sections of the D look more professional and sharper.

Left side view large image.

The single air vent is not very wide either. I just do not think this audio system would cut it. In to the Dell Outlet, and out with the D The smaller size of the hard drive really helps keep the size of these notebooks down, as well as keep a low weight. Dell does maintain its own customer forums in which Uadio customers can help other C430 customers.


The D may possibly be the most solid notebook I have ever held in my hands despite its feather-light weight.

Everyone knows that an active laptop is such a small space could cause heat related failures, and Dell was aware of this as well. But, you can run it if you ever need to in a hurry and cannot wait.

Dell Latitude D430 User Review

They get carried around more, used more, knocked around more, and have to be built for road warriors. But you are only going to notice it if you push the laptop pretty hard, which is not going to happen during audii office usage.

It could potentially be easy to hit when the laptop is in a backpack or luggage or briefcase. Not bad for almost 50 percent off!

Latitude D – Windows 7 and 32 Bit – The Unofficial Windows 10 Reinstallation Guide

To try and get around this, I tried using the headphone jack on the D with a pair of Creative earphones that are known to work well enough to my satisfaction on other machines. Outside, one may have to struggle a little bit to see the screen depending on the weather and the sun.

No ddell both counts, but as with any notebook do not act out any of your dreams of dropping bricks directly onto the notebook.