Remove the pulley from the shaft by squeezing the end of the shaft, and slipping the pulley off. Do not spray or pour cleaner directly on or into any electrical device. Press the Up or Down arrow to locate each setting, and press the Enter key one or more times to access the Change Value screen. Page Custom track formats The options on the right side of the screen open a separate dialog box for customizing the magnetic stripe formatting. Enter key to move to the next field. AP data entered or the format selected.

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Press the ;rinter or Down arrow until the Configuration menu is displayed, and press the Enter key to access the menu. Buttons that are appropriate for the printer model are selectable; the others are grayed out.

Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord. Print Engine Cable Connection Diagram for replacement details. Remove the Main Enclosure page and the Swingarm Cover page The prinetr 6 digits are assigned to each individual printer. Lower Laminator Transport Rollers as viewed in the photograph.

From the Printer menu, select Values. Using an isopropanol cleaning pen, clean the thermal printhead by rubbing the isopropanol tip over the printing portion of the printhead. Click on the Smart card continue button to eject the card and display the results in the status window. Software Adjustment Procedures Saving and Restoring a Printer Configuration Procedure Notes If the control board is not being replaced with cp0 new board, it is important to keep the existing serial number as described in step 1.


Only a dual laminator printer will have a hand guard. Data Track Locations The positions where data can be recorded on a 3-track stripe are described in the graphic below. Please wait while the driver reads the printer. Duplex Motor Removal Procedure Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord. If the thermocouple needs to be replaced, slide it out of the mounting slot and install the new thermocouple at cp880 time.

Datacard CP80 ID Card & Driver License Printer | eBay

Writing Data To write data to the magnetic material on a card, it is necessary to create a magnetic field near the stripe. HID Corporation and is shown here for educational purposes.

Removal Procedure Attempting to remove the hand guard in any sequence other than that described below will complicate the procedure and may even damage the retaining posts. Free up the heater wires from the cable guide on the face of the drive assembly. After the value has been changed, press the Enter key to apply the settings and reboot the printer. Laminator Routine Maintenance Procedures Laminator Routine Maintenance Procedures The entire routine maintenance procedure should be completed each time the laminator is serviced.


Datacard CP80 ID Card & Driver License Printer

This aligns all of the magnetic particles nearby in the same orientation polarity. Remove the cleaning roller, print ribbon, laminator cartridges, and any cards from the input hopper. The graphic below shows the different cable routing.

Chapters Table Of Contents To remove the idler rollers, spread the sidewalls of the flipper, and pull the roller out one side at a time. Foil Advance Motors The same procedure is used for both upper and lower motors. Non-contact Smart Cards The Mifare card is fairly common because it is based on an open standard used by many manufacturers.

Email to prjnter Friend. The clutch is released, and the motor drives the rollers to move the card down into the lower duplex. Page Insert the stripper bar and wiper into the heater slide.

Duragard clear laminates for use in datacard desktop card printers 2 pages. Let the printer dry before connecting power. Testing Motors Testing Motors This dialog box allows you to operate each of the motors in the printer for a specified duration.