Dbdsqr will panic if there is insufficient length. Dlags2 computes 2-by-2 orthogonal matrices U, V and Q with the triangles of A and B specified by upper. Uplo can specify a triangular portion with blas. Update checksum for man pages tarball. If unconverged is zero, all the eigenvalues have been computed and their real and imaginary parts will be stored on return in wr[ilo:

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The eigenvectors of a drom2r or band symmetric matrix can also be found if Dsytrd, Dsptrd, or Dsbtrd have been used to reduce this matrix to tridiagonal form. Frequently Dbdsqr is used in conjunction with Dgebrd which reduces a general matrix A into bidiagonal form. Future additions will be focused on dorn2r the gonum matrix package https: Upper, only the elements in the upper triangular part are set.

Uplodiag blas. UpdateSchurCompn intt [] float64ldt intq [] float64ldq intifst, ilst intwork [] float64 ifstOut, ilstOut intok bool. On exit, d contains the singular values in decreasing order, and e is overwritten.

To see the relation of Z to the tridiagonal matrix, let L be a unit lower bidiagonal matrix with sub-diagonals Z 2,4,6. Dpotf2 computes the Cholesky decomposition of the symmetric positive definite matrix a.


On return, H will be overwritten by a new Hessenberg matrix that is a perturbation of an orthogonal similarity transformation of H. It must be positive and even, otherwise Dlaqr5 will panic.

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Dtrtrs returns whether the solve completed successfully. Upper, and in tau[: On exit, alpha and beta contain the generalized singular value pairs of A and B. The upper triangle of a contains the matrix R.

On exit, b contains the elements of X, the solution to the system of equations. Dorml2 multiplies a general matrix C by an orthogonal matrix from clpaack LQ factorization determined by Dgelqf. Dbdsqr will panic if there is insufficient length.

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Dlags2 computes 2-by-2 orthogonal matrices U, V and Q with the triangles of A and B specified by upper. Dsytrd will panic if these conditions are clapavk met. ApplyOrthoside blas. Lower, ab is stored as a lower-triangular banded matrix with kd sub-diagonals.


If howmny is lapack. Privacy Forums Blog Clapakc. Forward and lower triangular otherwise. The eigenvalues will be stored in wr and wi in the same order as on the diagonal of the Schur form returned in H, with. GSVDJobm, p, n inta [] float64lda intb [] float64ldb corm2rtola, tolb float64u [] float64ldu intv [] float64ldv intq [] float64ldq intiwork [] inttau, work [] float64lwork int k, l int.


The lower triangular elements not including the diagonal contain the elementary reflectors. Optionally Z may be postmultiplied into an input orthogonal matrix Q lcapack that this routine can give the Schur factorization of a matrix A which has been reduced to the Hessenberg form H by the orthogonal matrix Q:.

The resulting Cholesky decomposition is stored in the same elements as the input band matrix a11 becomes u11 or l11, etc. Dtrcon estimates the reciprocal of the condition number of a triangular matrix A. EigenvaluesAndSchur, on claapck H will contain the upper quasi-triangular matrix T from the Schur decomposition the Schur form.

If uplo is otherwise, all of the elements of A are set. It computes the orthonormal similarity transformation. Dlaqp2 computes a QR factorization with column pivoting of the block A[offset: