The player still must get the ball to the green and into the hole. To me, and many others, it is clear that we need two sets of rules. Another company took over the HotZ bag division. I know Arnold is for what he truly believes. Said Vice President Robert Erb: The Western Golf Association, which had authorized their use upon their introduction, undertook performance tests using both hickory and steel shafts. I agree instead, as I have repeatedly said, to state that I approved of its use in leisure, recreational golf and intended from time to time to use it myself under such conditions.

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The association says if a golfer uses the ERC II driver, the round can’t be used for handicap purposes.

The Callaway Fusion’s explosive distance is the result of Fusion Technology, which combines titanium and carbon composite. Ultimately, a decision was made to liquidate the company.

And, finally, there are other reasons for this increased length beyond technological improvements in clubs. January 15, at The game has been changed by great innovations from manufacturers, but the rules have not kept pace.

Club ban stuns makers

High-tech helps better players more than poor players. None of our three testers hit it furthest and none liked it better than the rest.

So it isn’t just the driver. He wants the USGA to realize there are two different types of golf: Your review title You must enter a title.

Callaway Big Bertha ERC II Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – reviews –

Indeed, it seems to me that it is less objectionable inasmuch as it simply gives a player a chance to drive the ball farther and doesn’t necessarily guarantee a lower score on the hole. Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters.


Initially he was out front, traveling to Southern California in October and holding the club during wrc festivities. Second, it was not ‘sold’ to Callaway.

Palmer Releases Position Paper on ERC II

Secondly, the lengths which these professional players are hitting the ball is not confined to the driver, but applies to all other clubs in the bags as well. So, when our governing bodies have the power to limit how far we hit the ball, we’ve got to take a serious look at the issue. Jim McLean, the highly respected teacher, has made this point very clear in a recent letter of Golf Week.

The importance of this bit of history is obvious and the parallels are important.

Club ban stuns makers | News – Ad Age

It is critical that we do everything reasonably possible to make callway game more enjoyable and more ‘user friendly’ for junior, women, and senior golfers. In a separate transaction, I entered into an endorsement agreement with Callaway for their clubs and balls. It has further been stated that caallaway of the arrangement called for Callaway to ‘relieve Palmer from personal financial loss in the failure of the golf equipment firm that carried his name.

The ERC II has sparked heated clashes over whether players who use the club are going against the rules of golf, much like taking mulligans and 6-foot gimmes. Jack’s stake in the Company was significantly greater than mine.


The proceeds from all of these sales went to the Arnold Palmer Golf Company in which, as I have noted, I was a minority shareholder. Interestingly, in the USGA eventually arrived at the same viewpoint. Instead of excluding these golfers from full participation in the game, I think they should be included. The club became available abroad in Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved.

In this spirit, and consistent with the common practice among recreational golfers in the United States today, I think that golfers should be permitted – indeed, required – to post scores achieved in recreational rounds even if they use a non-conforming driver. As stated in a recent Golf Digest article: Head pro Bruce Patterson said Butler rejected five or six members who picked up the ERC overseas and wanted to use it in a club event.

We don’t like the trend of selectively ignoring rules. By Golf Channel Newsroom. Over the years I have played in thousands of pro-ams, competed in the Bay Hill Shoot Out with amateurs of all skill levels two or three times a week for many years, and have played in countless outings with my corporate sponsors, such as Pennzoil, Cooper Tire, and Verizon, and their customers.