If you can’t find a driver, take a look at this site. INI needed for our purpose. Changed links to Ken Kato’s original “VM Back” web site, which is long gone, to a new address, which looks like a replacement for the old site. They switched to a packet driver interface when the variety of Ethernet cards mushroomed. Or sign in with one of these services. Maybe I can help you if you are still looking for a real mode driver. Here are some places to look for a packet driver for a specific Ethernet device.

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It is most likely a NDIS driver exists for your network card. But if you enable networking you get the following advantages:. But in many cases the line with the drivername should be enough.

The Packages containing drivers and hardware dependencies have been organized as a “MPL Hardware Repository” for easy inclusion into the Windows XP Embedded data base and easy upgrade in the future. Other applications were written to use it too.

BIOS upgrades are available as Windows executable program files. Almost every old machine can use floppy disks or the serial port for data transfer and for a machine that is rarely used that is all you need. The 31pack is now also available as an ISO image, ready for mounting in a virtual machine.


My host system is a typical Windows machine. Here are some examples:. It will run with a NEC V20 and it might be possible to recompile it to get rid of the specific instructions. Either my machine was too old for this or there is some improvent potential on VMware’s side.

DOS TCP/IP Networking with Packet Drivers

In this case, talk to a piece of networking hardware. Added info about VMware Workstation 6. Let’s see what you can do. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Download shell extension ams x86 systems. Changed links amv Ken Kato’s original “VM Back” web site, which is long gone, to a new address, which looks like a replacement for the old site. This does not affect the operating system, but when running in virtualized environments, it takes up all the processor power on the host.

Network drivers

INI is structured into section names in square brackets and item names with values assigned to them. It connects to the machine using the parallel port and the packet driver makes it look just like a real Ethernet adapter. So you can use it, but you will have to amc with any bugs and limitations.


Packet drivers are usually specific to a particular model of Ethernet device. I was not able to read guest files from the host.

Networking FreeDOS – NDIS driver installation – FreeDOS

MS Client setup Run setup from the temporary directory above. Note that this install batch is german. If you can’t find a driver, take a look at this site.

Section and line are mandatory. Beginning with VMware Workstation 6. Graphics settings for Half-Life 2: You also need to tell the other software what software interrupt that the packet driver is listening too. You need a decent machine zmd make this work.

Using a larger waveset means better MIDI sound quality, but requires more memory. It would be a good idea ndks2 name it after your own network card.

For 16 bit ISA bus machines you can use nearly anything. Below I’ll outline the steps to install each component, along with the systems that the driver or update mad to.