Of course having the latest updates and drivers is generally a good thing, so thats what I ended up with. M-Audio Delta will fit your needs and may fit within your budget. Just be forwarned what you see may not be what you get. Sat Dec 29, 1: Ive been told that MOTU writes good reliable drivers.

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This is going to get ugly real fast.

ADS-Technology PYRO PCI 64R2 3-Port 64-Bit PCI FireWire-400 Host Adapter for Avid

What I find odd too is that manufacturers would advertise TI specs and then switch them out. Login or Sign Up. Join the HC Newsletter. Of course the local stores here in DC dont appear to have it either.

It should not have been this difficult. Windows upgrades, I was told, can “trigger” the problem.

Recording through a firewire PCI Card?

pcci But no alternatives whatsoever were offered except a directive to purchase something that until I hold it in my hands tomorrow I have to say is just about unpurchasable. I managed to track down on online computer shop in the whole country that had them in stock – a delta card.


I asked if this info was on their site, and I was pyfo it was under tech notes. I was going to e-mail him and he beat me to it.

What are his options for incorporating an interface? Other places Ive tried to order it online say they are out of stock.

Are there any proven firewire PCI cards with the correct TI chipset that he could use with a firewire interface? Google [Bot] and 0 guests.

I don’t know anything about these, any recommendations? Most non-audio folks just dont have the need. Users browsing this forum: Hech should get the names together of all the manufacturers whose specs said they used TI and didnt.

ADS-Technology PYRO PCI 64R2 3-Port Bit PCI FireWire Host Adapter for Avid

In my case, drivers, I would suppose. Somebody’s got to shout it teech that rooftops that some gear is more sensitive to the IEEE a protocol than others, and if they change chips their specs should reflect that change.

Nonetheless it was with trepidation that I launched cubase and pointed it to the motu device with which had been so familiar in the past. Ironically, the card came in a see through plastic box with cardboard covering just enough of the card that I could not see the chip until I cut open the box!


My experience indicates otherwise, unless someone can illuminate me. Presently, I’m using an older P4 desktop 64d2 that has a TI ;yro controller, so I’m not having any problems.

Thanks again Masaaki, I just forwarded him the Syba card. Who is online In total there is 1 user online:: Help FAQs Go to top. Recording through a firewire PCI Card? Just be forwarned what you see may not be what you get.

Supported Firewire Cards for Avid Editing Products

TI chipsets and Motu- whats the deal? How many people are now going to be buying TI chipset cards only pyeo find they arent actually TI chipsets? Board index All times are UTC. My hard drive recently failedand upon replacing it, the person fixing my machine insisted I get all the windows upgrades, against my instinct. But so far so good with ADS.